‘Wonder Twins’ Has Now Been Canceled: Report

“Wonder Twins” would’ve been an upcoming superhero movie based on these obscure pair of heroes introduced back in a 90s DC cartoon show. While not that popular, fans were still excited to see a modern take on these classic superheroes.

But it looks like that will not happen anymore as Warner Bros. has reportedly canceled the project now for good. Let’s talk more about the movie and why it might have been canceled down below.

‘Wonder Twins’ movie canceled

The news comes from the report by That Hashtag Show, which states that the film is now canceled. It also states that production went far enough and the shooting would had started on July 5, 2022, as well. But alas, we now will never know what that film would be like.

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What would the ‘Wonder Twins’ movie have been about?

"Wonder Twins" Has Now Been Cancelled: Report
Image Credit: DC

The film would be about the superhero duo Jayna and Zan, who were first seen in the classic cartoon show “The All-New Super Friends Hour.” Moreover, we also know that Aj Kappa and Isabel May will be playing the duo in a script by Adam Sztkiel.

For now, we don’t why the project has been canceled as there has been no official announcement. But Warner Bros. recently merged with Discovery, which caused a wave of changes across its properties. So this could be the effect of that massive business deal. But we will have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

That’s all we have for today. Were you excited about this HBO Max film? What do you think it would have been like? Let us know your thoughts and expectations below.

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