‘Westworld Season 4’ Gets New Trailer: Watch It Here

‘Westworld Season 4’ is the fourth installment in the dystopian television franchise Westworld. It’s been more than two years since fans enjoyed the show’s futuristic and astonishing story. The wait is finally over, as the fourth season release date is coming around the corner.

As the premiere date is coming closer, the makers are going all out with promotions. Now they are here with a new trailer for the series. So without any delay, let’s check out the teaser down below.

‘Westworld Season 4’ new teaser trailer

The latest trailer cuts to Charlotte Thompson, who is seeking revenge on the human race. Moreover, it shares more details about the return of Evan Rachel Wood. It also depicts robots getting evolved even farther than before. Furthermore, it is still unclear how Evan’s new character Christine will help humanity.

For the first three seasons, Evan played Dolores, a Host who was initially designated as a rancher’s daughter. Will all that said, you might be wondering what Westworld is about. So let’s answer that and more in the next section of this article.

What is ‘Westworld’ about?

'Westworld Season 4' Gets New Trailer: Watch It Here
Image Credit: HBO

The futuristic sci-fi series is based on 2050’s timeline. In it, extremely advanced theme parks exist, populated by androids known as “Hosts.” Rich people visit these parks to make their wildest fantasies come true without consequences. Moreover, the robots cannot go against them, so they have to suffer all the tortures.

Furthermore, the show depicts how the line between AI and humanity only gets thinner. The upcoming season focuses on the consequence of these dark desires and torture.

‘Westworld Season 4’ release date

The upcoming season is slated to arrive on June 26, 2022, exclusively on HBO Max. So if you haven’t watched it or want to refresh, watch the previous seasons available on HBO Max right now.

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