“The Devil In The White City” Hulu Series May Star Keanu Reeves

“The Devil In The White City” is a big-budget adaptation of the book of the same name by Erik Larson. The novel is a tale of romance, murder, and mystery, all of it begging to be adapted into live-action with some of the best Hollywood has to offer.

Originally, the adaptation was a film whose rights were bought by Leonardo DiCaprio. However, it will now be a TV series on Hulu. Furthermore, it looks like Keanu Reeves will be starring in the main role as well. If you’d like to know more about the upcoming series, keep reading down below.

Keanu Reeves In ‘The Devil In The White City’

Keanu Reeves in E3
Image Credit: E3

According to a report by Deadline, super-popular actor Keanu Reeves is in talks with Hulu. The Matrix star is in talks to star in the adaptation of the book. Additionally, this will be his first major role in a U.S. TV series.

The actor just played the main role in the latest film of the hit sci-fi franchise ‘The Matrix’. If you’d like to know more about “The Matrix Resurrections” check out our article about it right here.

What Is ‘The Devil In The White City’ About?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese
Image Credit: LA Times

The upcoming TV series is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Eric Larson that came out in 2003. The plot is about two very different men, an architect, and a serial killer. However, their fates were forever linked by The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. This leads to a tale of murder, mystery, and love in the golden age of the 18th century.

But fans of the book might also know that the project has been in the works for a while. Originally the film rights bought by DiCaprio would have become a feature film directed by Martin Scorsese. Now it will be a series on Hulu with Leonardo and Martin as execs, with possibly Keanu Reeves in the main role.

‘The Devil In The White City’ Release Date

The series was announced by Hulu in 2019. But we know that Keanu Reeves just released The Matrix Resurrections, is already working on John Wick Chapter 4 along with a role in DC’s League of Super Pets. With all this in mind, we don’t expect to see the mini-series anytime sooner than 2024.

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