Star Wars Andor Teaser Released: Watch It Here

Star Wars Andor is one of the many projects that we knew were in the works at Lucasfilm. It is a prequel series to the beloved Star Wars film “Rogue One”. Not much was known about the series except that it will be about the titular character from the movie.

But now we know a lot more since we have a brand new teaser that even reveals the release date of this exciting series. You probably want to learn more about the show, but first check out this newly released promo.

Star Wars Andor teaser

The teaser is thick with atmosphere as we know that it takes place in the most troubling era for the Star Wars Universe. The Empire is at the height of its power and the galaxy simply can only cower under its might. So the trailer does not shy away from being as dreary and depressing as possible to show how bad things are.

While we’re talking about exciting new trailers, another Disney property just released a trailer that broke the internet. We’re of course talking about the new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder that finally showed off Gorr the God Butcher. If you’re interested, check it out right here.

What is Star Wars Andor about?

Star Wars Andor Teaser Released: Watch It Here
Image Credit: Lucasfilm

As the title of the show suggests, the show is all about the titular character from the movie “Rogue One”. So the series focuses on Cassian Andor as he discovers his purpose and what he can do for the universe. You can expect to see the formative years of the Rebellion that took down the Empire later on.

Although you might think he is not deserving of his own series, he is part of the team that was pivotal in taking down the Death Star. So even if he’s not a hard hitter like Boba Fett or Obi Wan, you should still keep an eye on this series. And while you’re at check out Rogue One on Disney+ to get you up to speed.

Star Wars Andor release date

With the new teaser, we now also have a release date for this show. It will be getting a two episode premiere on August 31, 2022. And of course, it will be coming exclusively to Disney+.

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