“Spider-Man No Way Home” Sale Of Tickets Begin, Leading To All Ticketing Websites Crashing

“Spider-Man No Way Home” is no doubt the most hype movie release set for this year. So it’s no surprise that as tickets have started to go on sale, fans are in a frenzy trying to get their hands on it as fast as possible.

But this has caused a problem that is a bit of a pain but it was very much expected. So what plagues the biggest release of 2021? What is the movie like? When is it coming out? Let’s talk about all this and more down below.

When Can I Buy Tickets For “Spider-Man No Way Home”?

"Spider-Man: No Way Home"
Image Credit: Marvel

The tickets for the awesome Marvel movie are going to sale on 29 November 2021, which is today! So if you wanna watch the movie, you better get right to booking those seats right here. Although you might run in a bit of a speed bump.

“Spider-Man No Way Home” Causes All Ticketing Websites To Crash

As expected, the massively awaited film made fans flocked to the website the tickets are on sale on. As such, this caused the websites’ capacities to overflow, leading them to crash and block out people from buying any tickets. This, of course, has caused an uproar among fans who want to watch the film on day one in their theatres of choice.

What Should I Expect From “Spider-Man No Way Home”?

The film is the third in the massively popular Spider-Man franchise of Marvel. The movies started all the way back in 2017 with “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Since then, the web-slinger’s solo flicks have been Marvel’s biggest and most successful properties in this phase of the cinematic universe.

The threequel will see Spidey deal with a multiverse level incident after he botches a spell with Dr. Strange. Furthermore, the spell causes supervillains from other iterations of Spider-Man like Raimi movies and the Amazing Spider-Man movies to burst open into the MCU. So this might also mean we will see the Spider-Men from those movies as well though that has not been confirmed yet.

“Spider-Man No Way Home” Release Date

The film will release exclusively in theatres on December 17, 2021. But if you’re interested in knowing more about the film, you can check out our article about it right here.

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