SonyLIV Reveals The Side-Effects Of Lying In Good Bad Girl

SonyLIV is famous for picking up new and unique ideas for its originals. Continuing its legacy, the streaming giant is coming up with a new TV show Good Bad Girl. It is an upcoming comedy-drama TV series directed by Abhishek Sengupta. The show will follow the life of Maya Ahuja, an ordinary girl who lies about every little thing in her life.

Moreover, we also have the trailer for this fantastic series. So, without further delay, let’s have some fun while discussing the brief snippet below.

Good Bad Girl gets a new teaser

The snippet starts with Maya answering the interviewer about the difference between truth and lies. As the trailer moves on, we notice she has been lying since childhood. Moreover, we get to see different scenarios where she lied to get attention and win court cases.

However, she crosses all the limits when she lies about suffering from cancer to secure her job. The rest of the snippet depicts the perks and consequences of lying in her life. With all that said, let’s discuss its plot down below.

What will be the plot of Good Bad Girl?

SonyLIV Reveals The Side-Effects Of Lying In Good Bad Girl
Image Credit: SonyLIV

The comedy TV series will follow the life of a young girl Maya Ahuja, who is addicted to lying. It depicts how she lies about small things in her life. Moreover, being a lawyer, she seeks no difference between truth and lie. It represents her taking advantage of other people in her life.

However, lying always has its consequences, and we will witness them in the funniest way possible. The series stars Samridhi Dewan in the lead role. Moreover, it boards Gul Panag, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Sheeba Chadha in supporting roles. With no specific release date, it is expected to arrive on SonyLIV in 2022.

That’s all we have for today. Until the series arrives, check out the latest teaser of Sunny Deol’s upcoming film Chup!

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