“Rumble” Gets A New Trailer With Release Date

“Rumble”, the Paramount pictures’ animated film that was delayed many times, is finally set to come out very soon. Although the film was supposed to come out in July 2020, it was moved up to January 2021 and then delayed even further.

But now we finally have some new information related to the film. This comes in the form of a brand new trailer that also unveils the release date for the film. So you must be wondering what the film is like? When is it coming out? What’s it about? Let’s talk about all this and more down below.

“Rumble” New Trailer

The trailer starts off with showing us more of the world the film takes place in. We see some of the monsters wrestling the film centers around in all its glory. After that, it cuts to the character Winnie meeting the not-so-wrestler like Steve and deciding to turn this dorky monster into a wrestler. So the rest of the trailer shows us a glimpse of that fun journey that we will have to wait to experience fully.

What Should I Expect From “Rumble”?

Based on the graphic novel Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell, the film from what we have seen seems like a fun light-hearted animated story. Although we’ve seen such movies many times before, stories like these are just fun to watch with either friends or family.

Moreover, the plot of the film will center around Steve, an underdog who will climb the wrestling world with the help of his trusty manager Winnie. If feel-good movies are your thing then it’s a must-watch.

“Rumble” Cast

The film features the voices of Will Arnett, Geraldine Viswanathan, Terry Crews, Stephen A. Smith, Jimmy Tatro, Tony Danza, Ben Schwartz, Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoa’i to name a few. Also in the director’s seat, we have directed by Hamish Grieve, with a screenplay by Grieve himself with Matt Lieberman.

“Rumble” Release Date

The film is set to release on December 15, 2021. Also, the film will release on that date exclusively on the streaming site Paramount+.

While you’re waiting for the movie, why don’t you check out “South Park: Post Covid” also available on Paramount+.

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