‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6 Release Date & Time: How To Watch It For Free?

“Peacemaker” is an ongoing series starring the titular character from the DC Cinematic Universe. Although before release there was apprehension because the character was not very popular. But all the naysayers were promptly silenced and blown away as the series went on.

Now fans absolutely love the show and with 5 episodes already out cannot wait for the next one to release. And the good news is that episode 6 is about to come out very soon. To be precise, it will be added online on February 03, 2022. The release time for the new episode will be 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). Now let’s go over where to watch it and how to do it for free.

Where To Watch ‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6 Online?

Peacemaker episode 6 release date and time
Image Credit: HBO Max

The show has been exclusively streaming on HBO Max. You can find all the series episodes by heading over tothis page. However, you are required to purchase a subscription to the streaming service to watch the series.

While you’re at it, check out “Mortal Kombat”, which was one of the top feature films on HBO Max in 2021.

How To Watch ‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6 For Free On HBO Max?

Sadly, HBO Max, the platform the series is being released on, is not free. You will have to buy a subscription if you want access to its catalog. However, there are certain ways to watch its content for free as well. You can check them out right down below –

1. Free 7-day Trial with Hulu.
2. Free with many HBO cable users.
3. Free withAT&T 1000 plan.
4. Free one-year trials forAT&T TV and DirecTV packages.
5. Free withAT&T Unlimited Elite wireless phone service.

What Should I Expect From ‘Peacemaker’ Episode 6?

The 5th episode had our secret ops team raid the butterfly’s factory which involved fighting a super-powered Gorilla, Charlie. But the main draw of the episode was the cliffhanger ending. After Leota fiddles with Smith’s helmet, she finds out Murn is actually a butterfly. The episode ends with her pushed down by Murn as rain falls on them.

The title of the next episode is “Murn After Reading”. So it looks like Murn will be the focus of the episode. But the promo also shows a few hints as well. We see Smith’s dad getting out of jail and planning to kill his son. And then the cops decide to arrest Chris as well. How will our peace-loving maniac get out of all this? I guess we will find out when the episode comes out.

Until then, feel free to share your thoughts about the show in the comments section below.

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