‘Moon Knight’ Official Trailer Released By Marvel: Release Date Inside

“Moon Knight” is the next original show heading soon to Disney+. The show will introduce the classic vigilante hero from the comic books into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Furthermore, the titular character will be played by Oscar Isaac.

Earlier we only had a short teaser released back in November 2021. Now Marvel has graced us with a full-length trailer along with a release date for the mini-series. There’s a lot to unpack so without further ado, let’s get right to it.

‘Moon Knight’ Official Trailer

The trailer mostly features Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector. We see him at first battling with his inner psych while dealing with the daily mundane troubles of an average life. Moreover, we see how his other life tends to affect his normal life leaving him helpless and in bad situations.

We also get to see some awesome scenes of the vigilante in white being as ruthless as expected. Furthermore, this trailer also gives us a first proper look at the anti-hero. And it’s safe to say Marvel has nailed it with it being very faithful to the original yet unique in its own right.

Disney+ has a lot of projects in the oven right now. One of them is a new series based on the movie “Real Steel” released all the way back in 2011. You can check it out right here.

What Is ‘Moon Knight’ About?

Moon Knight
Image Credit: Marvel

The character is one of the oldies of Marvel, having his first appearance in the comics all the way back in 1975. Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, who suffers from dissociative identity order. One of these identities is a badass vigilante who ruthlessly goes after criminals at night.

While sure he fights criminals, don’t expect him to be a superhero. Marc at the end of the day is a sick man with something very dark in him that he has no control of at all. The show will see him dropped in between a battle between gods in the backdrop of ancient and modern Egypt.

‘Moon Knight’ Release Date

The show is set to release on March 30, 2022. Until then, you canwatch the rest of the Marvel shows exclusively on Disney+.

FAQs On ‘Moon Knight’

How many episodes will Moon Knight have?

The mini-series will have 6 episodes in total.

Who is Moon Knight in the MCU?

Oscar Isaac will be taking up the mantle of vigilante in the Disney+ original series.

Is Moon Knight a good guy?

The character is not exactly a good guy, but more or less an anti hero.

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