Luckiest Girl Alive: Netflix To Present A Dark Secret In The Latest Film

Luckiest Girl Alive is a mystery thriller film created by Mike Barke for Netflix. Based on the novel written by Jessica Knoll, the film focuses on the perfect life of a young woman Ani FaNelli, who has it all, be it fashion, money, a job, or a good fiance. However, a disturbing incident from her high school has traumatized her and is affecting her perfect lifestyle.

Moreover, the makers have shared the trailer of this exciting movie. So without any further ado, let’s check it out below.

Luckiest Girl Alive gets a new teaser trailer

The teaser shows Ani’s perfect life as she runs through everything that has gone wrong in her life lately. However, sometimes the luckiest individuals are not that perfect. As the trailer moves on, we see a disaster kicks off when she’s approached about a true-crime documentary.

After that point, the darker side of her life comes out. With the flashbacks of Ani being harassed in her high school, we get to see why she is hiding it from everyone. At the end of the snippet, we witness Ani telling the entire story to someone.

What will Luckiest Girl Alive be about?

Luckiest Girl Alive: Netflix To Present A Dark Secret In The Latest Film
Image Credit: Netflix

The film will follow the life of Ani FaNelli, who is newly appointed as the New York Times writer with money, fashion, a blue-collar fiancée, and most importantly, “the edge.” Moreover, it will all fade away as a documentarian approaches her about a shooting incident in her high school.

Furthermore, the film casts  Finn Wittrock, Chiara Aurelia, Scoot McNairy, Thomas Barbusca, Justine Lupe, Dalmar Abuzeid, and Connie Britton.

Luckiest Girl Alive release date

The film is all set to release in theatres on September 30, 2022, and will arrive on Netflix on October 7, 2022. Meanwhile, check out the official opening sequence of Cars On The Road.

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