‘Isle of the Dead’ To Begin Production

‘Isle of the Dead’ is an American post-apocalyptic horror-based television series created by Frank Darabont. Furthermore, it is a spinoff series of the massively popular TV show Walking Dead. The long-running show started its journey in 2010 on AMC and will conclude this year with its eleventh season.

Moreover, the star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has shared a photo of his first script for the show, implying that its production may begin soon. If you’d like to know more about the post, keep reading below.

‘Isle of the Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan shares updates on the series

'Isle of the Dead' To Begin Production
Image Credit: AMC

While he has not concretely confirmed the same, Morgan’s post seems to imply that production is about to begin. The photo showcases his script for the forthcoming series with the caption, “Here we go. Xxjd… and a shelf full of sonics.

Furthermore, the series will take a lot of time before coming to the screen, but from now on the updates will be coming very frequently. The show also casts Lauren Cohan in a pivotal role. With all that said, let’s discuss the show’s plot in the next section of this article.

What to expect from ‘Isle of the Dead’?

'Isle of the Dead' To Begin Production
Image Credit: AMC

The show will focus on post-apocalyptic Manhattan as Maggie and Negan unravel the city. Now the duo has to fight against the city full of zombies. Furthermore, it will also depict the rivalry between Morgan and Cohan’s character.

Now fans can finally see how their relationship will develop twists and turns. Speaking of the forthcoming show, check out the latest teaser for ‘Emergency.’ It is an upcoming Indian film depicting which chronicles incidents that took place under the leadership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

That’s all we have for this article. Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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