How To Watch ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ For Free Online?

Miya, Biwi Aur Murder is an upcoming series starring the talented stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Manjari Fadnnis. Moreover, Sunil Manchanda is directing the series written by Sambit Mishra. The series follows the story of a married couple who gets stuck on a dreadful night full of several threats.

With all of that said, you might be wondering where we can watch it online? And how can we watch it for free? If these questions have also popped into your mind, then this article is just right for you!

Where To Watch ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ Online?

How To Watch 'Miya, Biwi Aur Murder' For Free Online?
Image Credit: MX Player

The show is arriving on MX player on July 1, 2022. The Indian platform provides its services for free. However, the users may have to face ads in between its content. Moreover, it offers excellent films and shows like Bhaukal, Flames, Indori Ishq, Aashram, etc. If you want to enjoy the series, then head over to this page.

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How will ‘Miya, Biwi Aur Murder’ be?

The series focuses on a dysfunctional couple Priya and Jayesh who have been married for seven years. However, the twist begins when they get stuck on a threatening night with devious thieves, blackmailing police officers, delusional maids, and gangsters.

Will they put their differences aside for seven hours and work together to face all these problems? Or will they become a victim of this dreadful night? All will be answered on MX player. Moreover, the series also casts Rushad Rana, Prasad Khandekar, Ritik Dinesh Shah, Ashutosh Pandey, Ana Ilmi, and many others.

That’s all we have for this streaming guide. So will you be watching this show? Let us know your views and expectations down below.

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