How To Download Movies On iPhone?

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular choices for a mobile device across the world. It achieves this status by being extremely convenient and easy to use. But its download functionality is one place where users tend to struggle. So let’s go over how to download movies on iPhone.

Now we would like to note that these ways to download movies will not be illegal. This will not require you to jailbreak your precious iPhone either. So you don’t have to worry as these methods are completely safe and legal. Now without further ado, let’s begin the guide.

Download movies on iPhone

How To Download Movies On iPhone?
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Now, as we said, you don’t need to jailbreak your phone for this as you would expect. And you don’t have to go on some weird website and install a downloader either. All you need is a decent internet connection to download your favorite shows and movies. So here are the methods –

Download with iTunes

This is probably the method that you already know about. If not, then allow us to explain what this means. By using the iTunesu service in your iPhone, you can buy or even rent movies from the store. This means you can take them offline if you want and download them that way.

Download with Google play movies & TV app

This one is also another popular method to download movies and shows on your phone. All you will need is the Google Play Movies & TV app. After that, just search for your preferred content and it will show whether it can be taken offline or not. Select download and use the app itself to watch it anytime you want.

Download movies on iPhone with streaming apps

How To Download Movies On iPhone?
Image Credit: Netflix

This method is also very easy but requires you to have an active subscription to a streaming service. Most services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have the ability to take some of their content offline. Although it is limited, you can still find some great movies and shows to download on it.

Speaking of great movies and shows on streaming, allow us to recommend one as well. “We Own This City” is an exciting new crime drama from the creators of “The Wire.” Based on Justin Fenton’s non-fiction book, the show is currently available on HBO Max and definitely worth checking out.

Moreover, you can also check out our article on steps to download amazon prime movies/ tv shows here!


Can we download a movie on iPhone?

Yes, you can use apps like iTunes or Google play movies & tv to download or rent movies and tv shows.

Which app I can use to download movies on iPhone?

You can use the iTunes app, Google play movies & tv app or streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu to download movies and tv shows on an iPhone.

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