How To Delete Hulu Account?

Hulu is one of the best streaming services available today in the market. But today we have so many streaming platforms that there’s bound to be one more suitable for you than the other. So if you think Hulu’s not for you anymore, then you should know how to delete Hulu account.

This guide will go over precisely how you can do that. But before we begin, maybe there’s still some use you can get out of Hulu you may not know off yet. Did you know you can download movies on Hulu? Do check out our guide on it if you’d like to know more. With that, let’s now get back to this guide.

Delete Hulu Account

How To Delete Hulu Account?
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We hope you are sure that you want to let go off your subscription for Hulu. However, even if you have cancelled it, you can still enjoy the content on Hulu till your next billing date. But after that you will lose your subscription for good. So let’s go over the steps-

  1. Login with your ID on the official Hulu website.
  2. Go to “Profile” at the corner of the page and select “Account” from the drop down menu.
  3. Here you will see your subscription info and plan details. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to “Cancel Your subscription.”
  4. After clicking on it Hulu will give you ways to save. It will recommend a cheaper plan or you can pause your subscription to save money. It is a good option if you’re still thinking about it, but if not then click on “Continue to Cancel.”
  5. You will now get a survey which will ask you the reason for your cancellation. Fill it any way you want and thus cancel your subscription to their service.

And there you have it. You can still use their massive catalogue till the next billing date but after that your account will be gone. If you’re on mobile, you can simply follow the same process as above and use a browser app for it instead.


Is it possible to delete your Hulu account?

Yes, you can delete your Hulu account whenever you want from their official website. You will have access to their catalogue till the next billing date, but after that your will cease to exist.

How much is Hulu per year?

Hulu’s ad supported plan has annual cost of $69.99 which is cheaper than paying a monthly fee for the same plan.

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