How To Change Netflix Payment Method?

Netflix is a streaming behemoth and must have a subscription for all film and TV show enthusiasts. While the platform is very simple to use, the features regarding the payment for that subscription have always been a bit confusing. So today we will be discussing how to change your Netflix payment method.

Now there’s no need to worry as Netflix does allow you to change your payment method whenever you deem fit. You won’t have to cancel your membership or anything, it’s a very simple process. So let’s get right to it.

But since we are talking about Netflix, we would also like to recommend a great show available on the platform as well.“Archive 81”is a fantastic sci-fi horror show based on a podcast of the same name. If you have an account do check it out. Now with further ado, let’s begin the guide.

Change Netflix payment method

Now we did say that the steps are easy, but do make sure you put in all the right data while putting in your payment info or it might default in your next billing date. With that out of the way, let’s go over the steps.

1. Log in to yourNetflix account.

2. At the top right corner, hover over the profile pic. Now click on the option “Account”.

How To Change Netflix Payment Method?
Image Credit: Netflix

3. Now right at the top, you will see the “Membership & Billing Details”. In this section you will see “Manage Payment Info”, click on it.

How To Change Netflix Payment Method?
Image Credit: Netflix

4. Here you will see your current method, along with the option to change it just below it. Click on it to begin the process.

How To Change Netflix Payment Method?
Image Credit: Netflix

5. Now simply put in the required payment details and click on “Save”

And there you go. This new account will be the one payment is taken from by the next billing date. Now if you want to just edit your current info, you won’t need to put in all the details again as Netflix has you covered there as well. So let’s go over that too.

How to edit Netflix payment method?

The way to edit your payment method is also fairly simple as it is the same as changing it. Follow the steps all the way until you reach “Manage Payment Info”. Here, instead of clicking on the button below, you’ll instead click on “Edit” just beside it. Now just change whatever info you need to mend and click on “Save”. But all this is on desktop. Netflix also has an audience on TV and phones as well, so let’s go over them too.

How to change Netflix payment method on TV?

Now since you know that we need to go into your account settings to enable this feature, it is not possible to do so on your TV. Netflix on TV simply doesn’t allow you to meddle with the account settings. But the change in settings on an account does transfer over from the system so if you enable it on a desktop, it will work on the TV as well.

How to change Netflix payment method on mobile?

You can now change your Netflix settings on mobile unlike the TV. When you swipe left and tap on “Account Settings”, you’ll be taken to a web browser and see a similar screen to the Desktop version. So just follow the steps same as above and you can change your payment method from mobile as well.

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When can you change your Netflix payment method?

There is no time limitation to change the payment information. It will simply be applied according to your next billing date.

Can I edit my Netflix payment method?

Yes, if there is some change on your current payment details you won’t need to completely input a new payment method. Just edit it in the “Manage Payment Info” found in the “Membership & Billing details”.

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