How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?

Zee5 is riding the high tide these days with some absolutely spectacular shows and movies. We have shows and films with excellent video quality on the platform. It is undoubtedly the fastest-growing streaming service in the Indian market.

However, it sometimes consumes a little too much data from its users. Now if you’re someone who wants to know about how much data it uses, then you’re at the right place. This streaming guide is here to help you with that and will also explain how can you save this data.

And since we are talking so much about Zee5, we might as well also make a recommendation for it. ‘Forensic‘ is an adaptation of the Malayalam film of the same name. The psychological thriller film stars Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte in lead roles. It is an excellent flick, so do check it out. Now without further ado, let’s begin the guide.

How much data does Zee5 use on PC & Mobile?

How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?
Image Credit: Zee5

Let’s have a look at how much data Zee5 uses, depending on your settings.

Streaming QualityApproximate Data Usage
Low (480p)800 MB per hour
Medium (720p)1.3 GB per hour
High (1080p)3.2GB per hour

The data mentioned above is an estimate based on our experience with the app. So when you use the app, there can be a variation in your data usage.

Now you might be wondering how much data it uses on our phone. Well, it consumes approximately 1.2 GB per 20 minutes when used at maximum quality. And as per the estimates, you can catch your favorite series and films on one GB per hour when put on an automatic setting.

With all that said, now shift our focus to how to save your date whilst enjoying your beloved titles on the platform. So let’s talk about it in the next section of this article.

How to save data while using Zee5?

Unlike all other streaming platforms, Zee5 provides a unique feature named “Data saver.” When the user enables the option, the app automatically switches to the data-saving mode. Wondering how to enable this user-friendly feature? Well, you can do it by following five simple steps.

Let’s see how to enable data saver on mobile:

1. Login with your credentials on the official Zee5 app.

2. Click “My Profile” at the top right corner.

How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?
Image Credit: Zee5

3. Select “Settings” on the page.

How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?
Image Credit: Zee5

4. Now tap on “Quality” at the top of the page.

How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?
Image Credit: Zee5

5. At last select “Datasaver” to enable this fantastic feature.

How Much Data Does Zee5 Use?
Image Credit: Zee5

Unfortunately, the platform does not offer the same service for PC users. This feature is only available through the app on iOS or Android. However, you can still save the data by changing the streaming quality on your own while watching your favorite titles.

That’s all we have for this guide. Did you find this helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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