HBO Unveils The Nail Biting Teaser Of The Last Of Us

While there are a lot of zombie apocalypse stories out there, The Last Of Us offers a heartwarming connection between Joe and Ellie. The Naughty Dog’s massively popular video game is now getting a live-action adaptation series. It will follow the story of finding a family amid the zombie apocalypse.

Moreover, we finally have a teaser for this much-awaited series. So without any further ado, let’s check it out down below.

The Last Of Us teaser is giving us goosebumps

The trailer shows Pedro Pascal as a special delivery man who rescues Ellie from the zombie attack in the city. Moreover, the snippet starts with people covering their windows and doors with paint and posters. The clip shows that the series will follow the exact storyline of the game.

Furthermore, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are the main focus of the new trailer. It is safe to say that just like Joe and Ellie are central figures in the game, both actors will also shine in the series. The teaser depicts high-octane action scenes with terrifying zombies.

What to expect from The Last Of Us?

HBO Unveils The Nail Biting Teaser Of The Last Of Us
Image Credit: HBO

Just like the video game, the series will show Joe escorting Ellie to the science lab so that they can test her blood. Moreover, it will show them escaping from the city full of zombies. The show is expected to go beyond the Naughty Dog’s game franchise as it stars Storm Reid as Riley Abel, another survivor from the first game.

The series’ cast also includes Lamar Johnson as Henry, Keivonn Woodard as Sam, Nick Offerman, Anna Torv, Merle Dandrige, Nico Parker, Gabriel Luna, etc. Furthermore, the new teaser was released during the yearly celebration of the franchise.

The Last Of Us release date

With no specific release date, the series is expected to arrive in early 2023. Meanwhile, check out the box office collection of Avatar re-release.

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