‘CODA’ Wins Best Picture At The Oscars

“CODA” is a heartfelt comedy-drama about a “child of deaf adult” Ruby. The film first came out in January 2021 at the Sundance Film Festival and garnered massive praise. This lead to Apple buying the right to exclusively stream their family for $25 million.

And it looks like Apple has a good eye for films as the drama movie has bagged the award for best picture at the Oscars. This is a huge deal considering the film is technically a streaming release. Let’s talk more about this achievement and this film down below.

CODA wins the Oscar for Best Picture

The competition for best picture was truly fierce this time. We had films like The Power of the Dog, Drive My Car, Dune, and many more vying for that top prize. But the film bagged it and became the first-ever streaming release to ever get an Oscar for best picture.

While discussing streaming platforms, people tend to look over Apple TV+ and continue to talk about Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+. But with this win and along with the fact that it’s expanding the service in India, we hope people finally realize the strength of Apple TV+.

What is CODA about?

The film is a heartfelt coming of age story of a young girl named Ruby. She is your average girl with a fantastic talent for singing and she hopes to become a singer. But what makes her story unique is that she is the only hearing member of her entirely deaf family.

The film uses this premise to give us a story that will make you both laugh and cry. While the stellar direction and script are worth praising, the cast, which is mostly silent, also help carry the film. The world is appreciating this film and you should too by watching it here on Apple TV+.

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