‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ Deleted Scenes Released

“Bo Burnham: Inside” is a fantastic Netflix comedy special created by Bo Burnham. And you should not take that statement lightly as the comedian filmed, edited, acted, and did everything else all by himself in a span of a year.

It truly is a brilliant piece of comedy media and is unlike anything we have ever seen. So who would have thought that we would get even more of it with these new deleted scenes? That’s right, Bo Burnham himself has released over 60 mins of new scenes. You can check it out yourself down below.

‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ deleted scenes

"Bo Burnham: Inside" Deleted Scenes Released
Image Credit: Bo Burnham

The deleted scenes are edited and released by Bo Burnham himself on his own YouTube channel. So unlike the specials, you don’t need a Netflix subscription to watch this clip. You can check out the 63-minute-long compilation right here.

Since we’re talking about Netflix, let’s also talk about another one of their releases. “The Gray Man,” unlike the comedy special, is one of the costliest projects Netflix has ever undertaken. If you’re interested, watch the official trailer of “The Gray Man” right here.

What is ‘Bo Burnham: Inside’ about?

The award-winning comedy special is written, directed, filmed, edited, and performed by musical comedian Bo Burnham. And not only do we get to see him perform it, we even get to see him create it from the ground up. This special takes place during the pandemic.

As you may expect, Burnham cannot leave his home. Which leads to the entire special taking place just inside his room. We see the passage of time not only by him telling us but even how his hair growing and also getting a beard. Along with that, expect some really awesome and hilarious songs to make sure you remember how talented this musical comedian is.

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