‘Bioshock’ Movie Has Started Production: Report

“Bioshock” is a massively popular game franchise that started all the way back in 2007. Since then, the survival first-person shooter has gained a massive following because of its fascinating world and storylines.

Now this world and storyline are gearing up for a film adaptation. That’s right, get ready to see the underwater city of Rapture in a completely new light very soon. If you’d like to know more about this great news, then keep reading!

‘Bioshock’ Movie On Netflix

According to the latest news, Netflix has officially announced that the film is in development right now. Fans of the franchise might already know that the streaming giant has been trying to finalize a deal with owners Take Two Interactive for a year now.

And after a year of negotiations, the film is all set to be released on Netflix when it’s done with production. Furthermore, Vertigo Entertainment and Take-Two will serve as producers for the film.

While you’re at it, check out what’s going to come out on Netflix in this week of February 2022.

What Will The “Bioshock” Movie Be About?

Bioshock Movie
Image Credit: Take Two Interactive

The original game was set in the beautiful underwater city of Rapture. Although gorgeous, the city is filled with inhabitants that have gone insane due to genetically enhancing serums. But of course, the main threat are the Big Daddies – the superpower humans merged with creepy diving suits.

In all this mess, our protagonist crashes into the Atlantic ocean and falls right into the mix of things in Rapture. Although we do not know what the plot of the film will be, we expect it to be similar to the plot of the first game as explained above.

There are two more games in this massively popular franchise to take from as well. We have Bioshock 2, also set in Rapture and Bioshock Infinite set inversely in a city in the skies. So even if you’re not a fan of the game, this could be the start of a massive film franchise. As of right now, there is no info on the release date but we suspect it will come out either late next year or early 2024.

That’s all we have for today for this article. Are you excited about this flick? Have you played the games? What are your expectations and fears? Let us know in the comment section below.

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