Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer Released With Release Window

‘Bad Batch’ is one of the new Star Wars spin-off series made for Disney+. Made by the creators of the Clone Wars animated series, this new one carries on the spirit of that classic show and is now one of the most popular ongoing properties in Star Wars. So it’s a safe to say we are all interested to know when is Bad Batch Season 2 coming.

Now we know the answer to that question. In the massive Star Wars Celebration event, along with many other announcements, season 2 of this awesome animated series was also announced. Moreover, a release date was also revealed along with it. You can check it out yourself down below.

Bad Batch Season 2 trailer

The trailer shows off Clone Force 99 fighting off many new enemies in new planets. Some points of interest are the short scene implying Alpha may meet the menacing Emperor Palpatine and Gungi, a Wookie Jedi. What really caught our eye is Clone Commander Cody who we have not seen for a while too.

Speaking of big announcements at the Star Wars Celebration, there is another. Another spin-off series Star Wars: Andor also got its first trailer. It starts with the titular character from the Rogue One movie. You can check it out yourself right here.

Is “Bad Batch” worth watching?

Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer Released With Release Window
Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The show centers around Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch. They are a group of super-elite clone soldiers with genetic mutations that we met in the Clone Wars animated series. After Order 66 and all that happened with it, this group now takes on daring mercenary missions to survive.

The first thing that comes to mind when watching it is that it is similar to Clone Wars. That is because it has the same creators as that show. And not just in looks, this show carries on the same spirit as that show too. So if you like Clone Wars, you will no doubt like this series as well.

Bad Batch Season 2 release date

We don’t have a release date for now, but we did get a release window for the new season. It is set to premiere sometime in Fall 2022 on Disney+. Until then, you can watch season 1 also available exclusively on Disney+.

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